If you have been thinking about buying a safe to protect your valuables, there are a number of considerations to make before making the purchase. This is an important decision because deciding on a product that will protect your personal property from burglary or damage. Different safes are designed for different purposes, which is why it is essential that you choose the right safe that fits your purpose.

How to choose the right safe for you

Firstly, think of reasons why you want safe. Is it primarily for protection against burglary, against fire damage, or both? Your answer to that question will help you choose the design of the safe. Secondly, ask yourself how much content do you need to protect? This will determine how large your safe has to be.

Keep in mind that a safe that is designed to be fire-proof is not necessarily burglar-proof. Fire-proof safes are great in protecting important documents from smoke and heat damage. However, the metal can be thin and vulnerable to punctures or blades. This makes them poor choices for protecting against burglars.

A good safe that offers protection from fires and burglars should be rated appropriately for such a purpose. These safes are usually made from composite materials that get high ratings in protection against fire and burglars

It is important to consider the actual value of the items that you want to protect. Obviously, the higher the value of the content, the higher the rating your fire and burglar safe should have. Next, think about how long you will be keeping your content there. Items of high value now may continue to increase in value over time. So, your safe should be upgraded as the need arises to match the value of the content.

Floor safes may be good protection against burglars, but they may not be the best choice for protection against fire. If you need important documents protected, floor safes may not be an ideal choice because they often have doors that are just made of metal instead of concrete. Heat and smoke from a fire can enter in through the door and damage the documents. A good quality fireproof safe should have the ability to withstand one to two hours of damage from a fire. However, instead of a floor safe, you can choose a freestanding burglarproof safe that you can anchor to a concrete floor. By doing so, this will give you solid protection against burglars and fires.

What about wall safes that you can hide behind a picture? These may be good in spy movies, but they are not that practical. Wall safes are usually small and constructed of thin gauge metal. A burglar can just saw through the wall and take the whole thing. You may get a false sense of security thinking that your very expensive jewelry is safe when hidden behind a wall. However, clever burglars know where people tend to hide their wall safes.

Storing data and media poses another challenge. If you want to safely protect your media against fire, the safe must be designed for media storage. Media is sensitive to heat and humidity. Therefore, the safe must be able to keep the internal temperature below 135 degrees and 85% humidity in order to protect the media effectively.

These are just a few things to consider when shopping for the right safe. There are other things when considering where to install the safe. The bottom line is that you need to gain product knowledge in order to effectively evaluate your choices to find the best-suited safe for your needs.

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