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About Us


Lokaway is a market leader in household and commercial safes due to their patented technology. The Swing‘n’Slide concept is like no other design on the market and provides the best in anti-pry construction. The easy to use design and comprehensive range will provide improved security and peace of mind when locking away your valuables.

Utilising the same materials as competitors, it is our smarter technology, efficient design and understanding that stands out from the rest. Where other safes crumble, Lokaway safes stay strong and create many complications for unwanted entrants.


Efficiency and Intelligence:

Lokaway safes provide true antipry protection. Reinforced sides and complete edge concealment means our safes are extremely difficult and frustrating to pry open, even when using exactly the same materials as other safes.

Pressure Point Defence:

The leading edge is always the most prone point of attack however the Swing‘n’Slide design doesn’t offer this weakness to potential thieves.

Unbeatable Innovation:

With safes remaining almost unchanged for over 100 years, Lokaway has been determined to bring a new and improved product to the market. The Swing‘n’Slide technology applies itself across every product and brings a new standard of quality to the industry.