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Over the last 13 years, Lokaway have been developing the Swing’n’Slide technology to transform it into what it is today; a mass producible and adaptable system. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a mechanically simple and affordable design that produces incredible security against prying and physical forced entry attacks.

Lokaway's Swing'n'Slide works by concealing the door's edge, in contrast to other locking systems that rely on more pins, bigger bolts or thicker doors. Everyone can have access to the Swing'n'Slide technology. Whether it's the Lokaway branded safes or a brand of your own, Lokaway's aim is to make our technology available to everyone.
  • The Swing’n’Slide Guarantee
  • Efficiency and Intelligence: Lokaway safes provide true anti-pry protection. Reinforced sides and complete edge concealment means our safes are extremely difficult and frustrating to pry open, even when using exactly the same materials as other safes.

  • Pressure Point Defence: The leading edge is always the most prone point of attack however the Swing‘n’Slide design doesn’t offer this weakness to potential thieves.

  • Unbeatable Innovation: with safes remaining almost unchanged for over 100 years, Lokaway has been determined to bring a new and improved product to the market. The Swing‘n’Slide technology applies itself across every product and brings a new standard of quality to the industry.



Lokaway has continued to provide innovative security across a large range of products through the Swing‘n’Slide design. The simple but very effective anti-pry design provides the best possible protection on the market. Due to the Swing‘n’Slide design, Lokaway offer customers reliable safes at an affordable price.



Lokaway have been providing top-of-theline gun safes since 2002. With a huge range of rifle safes, all built with the Swing’n’Slide locking technology, you can be sure that your firearms have never been more secure.


Our commercial safes, including a fire resistant range, provide you with the peace of mind required when storing perishable or irreplaceable items. There’s a safe to suit everyone and out fire resistant features make Lokaway safes extremely tough and durable no matter the conditions.


Similarly, to all of the Lokaway range, our site boxes may look like an ordinary safe however they provide the unbeatable protection that comes with the Swing‘n’Slide technology. Various designs and sizes, our steel truck boxes are built to safely store all of your work essentials.
Lokaway continues to innovate and exceed expectations. A brand new range of high quality,
Swing’n’Slide safes are coming soon to the US market.

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To get your very own high quality safe, simply contact us through this form. Our Swing’n’Slide technology is stocked and available! Lokaway will be distributing our high quality safes across the country, however we are always looking to partner with suitable, like-minded distributors.


If you want to be involved in the future of security as a distributor, please contact us directly through our distributors page.


See how the World's Most Advanced Anti-Pry Technology really works. Our patented Swing 'n' Slide Design is industry leading, offering the highest quality is security and protection on the market.

The innovative design eliminates the opportunity for potential thieves to pry into the weakest point of an ordinary safe, meaning no matter the material you choose, only a Lokaway safe will provide the ultimate in quality. Our technology can be applied across all safes to ensure that your valuables stay Lokaway Safe.